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free touring

Find the best freetours in Madrid & create yours

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Freetour = Guided tour carried out by a guide in exchange of the amount of money each tourist considers the guide deserves after the guided visit finishes. Also known as 'free walking tour'

Free Touring is the app which puts tourists in touch with professional and amateur guides to organise free tours in Madrid (we'll be in many other cities and countries soon!). We're a marketplace, a search engine and a rating platform of freetours!

Want to discover Madrid? Follow these steps:
1. Download the app Free Touring
2. Search for a freetour ('free walking tour') by date
3. Join the free tour you like most
4. Enjoy the guided visit and rate both guide and tour!

Are you a company offering free tours? Are you a passionate of your city and want to unleash the tour guide in you?
1. Download the app Free Touring
2. Publish you own customised freetour ('free walking tour') and control your business in real time
3. Wait for tourists to join your tour
4. Share the secrets of your city during the guided tour and make the best of you to earn better tips and ratings

Take a look at some of our freetours in Madrid!

Don't you have an Android smartphone? Don't worry, we're working on a web and iOS version.
For the moment, contact us with your needs and we'll let you know about the available tours!

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